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Studio 710: Cammodels in Virtual Reality

To earn a living, I specialize in logos, business cards, and websites that rank on Google's 1st page.

My primary concentration is on Web Development (Digital Advertising, Graphic Design, and Ghostwriting). I also use virtual zombies to increase Social Media Likes, Shares, Followers, etc on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. LEARN MORE

Crowdfunding Campaign: Natural Selection, a protective apparel WARdrobe

This fashionable line uses armored garments designed to shield people. Although worn for recreational activities, Natural Selection is manufactured for occupational safety and health precautions. LEARN MORE

As a thanks for the visit, click this logo for my Sounds for Work and Sleep album - absolutely free

Brainwaves and the acoustics of nature share frequency, amplitude, and periodicity. I customize stimuli to synchronize an individual's brain frequency with water-related sounds catered to Work and Sleep. LEARN MORE

I’m always open to take on new clients for personal training in Miami Beach

Personal Training in Miami BeachCentered around dietary goals, my exercises rely on genetic guidelines. I target aerobics, resistance, and flexibility. As a certified massage therapist, I utilize postural integration in my approach. I'm not restricted by the venue; we can train anywhere - anytime! LEARN MORE